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What is the Publisher?

YOUR E-BOOK GENERATING APP, This is where it all happens. Whether you’re doing everything yourself or having us help you out, the publisher will be essential to the process. Regardless of the package or services you select, this is where you will upload your manuscript and fill out important information about your e-book. There are three main work areas within ePublisher’s Publisher: Cover Designer, Editor and E-book Details. These work areas provide you with a lot of power over your e-book’s ultimate appearance and retail potential. We’ve tried to make the interface as user-friendly and intuitive as possible; but just for good measure, keep browsing our FAQs for some good pointers on how to find your way around. The information you find here will help you harness your incredible e-book creating power and use it for good.

What if I have trouble? Do you offer author support?

OF COURSE, We hope we’ve made our editing interface so user-friendly that you won’t have any trouble at all! Of course, if you do happen to run into problems, we’re here for you. Using our built-in, industry leading, 24/7 online chat system, you can communicate with one of our team members who will help you get back on your feet.

How can I update my account/password?

FROM YOUR PROFILE PAGE, If at any point you need to update your account information or want to change your password, you can do so on your profile page. This page is used only for keeping your information current and is not visible to other ePublisher users. You can access this page from the “Profile” tab at the top of your Dashboard.

What is the Editor? What do I do there?

SO MANY THINGS, Once you’ve prepped your manuscript based on our formatting guidelines, this is the place to upload it. After the upload is complete, your manuscript will appear in the e-book editor, where you will be able to view and correct formatting errors, define chapters, create a live table of contents and more.

How do I upload my manuscript?

WITH THE CLICK OF A BUTTON, Regardless of whether you’re purchasing a package or utilizing our free DIY option, you are required to upload your manuscript in our e-book editor. You will be prompted to upload your manuscript when you click "Start..." from the Dashboard. There is also an upload button on the left-hand side of the Editor, if you need to upload your manuscript again after working on it offline. The upload may take some time; as the file uploads, we’ll be doing a lot of the hard work of auto-correcting and locating errors, so that your job can be simpler. Again, to ensure the best possible results, familiarize yourself with our formatting guidelines prior to uploading your manuscript.

Can I re-upload a manuscript?

YES, You can upload a new manuscript to overwrite a manuscript that has not yet been published. You might choose to do this if, upon uploading your manuscript the first time, we find more errors than you’d like to deal with in our editor. Our e-book editor is great for correcting errors, but if you’re more comfortable continuing to work in Word, you can use the e-book editor simply as a resource. The e-book editor will show you what types of errors exist in your document and will tell you how to fix them. You can use what we tell you to make corrections in Word and upload a new, corrected manuscript later. We encourage you do whatever makes the most sense to you.

Can I work on multiple e-books at once?

YES, You can keep as many different e-book projects going in your account as you can handle. Just be aware that if you do not work on a specific e-book project for 180 days, we will remove it from our system.

What are the

ERRORS YOU’LL NEED TO FIX YOURSELF, In the “Errors” section, we’ll notify you of errors within your document that you will be able to fix manually. To help you address common e-book formatting issues, we’ve created an error identification system that allows you to easily see, understand and correct a wide range of errors. Wherever a formatting error has occurred in your content, a large red icon will appear in the e-book editor’s text field. The most efficient way to navigate these errors is by using the tools in the "Errors" section, in the Tools to the left of the editor. The editor tells you how many errors you have in total. In addition, the errors are organized by type. This allows you to simply find and correct a specific type of error before moving on to another. We provide a description of what each error means, why it’s a problem and how to fix it. Once you save the changes you’ve made based on our error notifications, the publisher runs another check to make sure you’ve made the correct changes and that you did not accidentally create any new formatting errors in the process of fixing the old ones. If you feel more comfortable fixing your formatting errors in Word, that’s totally fine. Use our e-book editor as a guide, then re-upload your corrected manuscript.

What is the Personal Media Library?

WHERE YOU CAN SAVE YOUR INTERIOR IMAGES, This is where you can upload your own photos to use in the interior of your book. You can load an unlimited amount of images and use them across any and all books you publish with ePublisher. So, for instance, if you’re in the middle of creating your first book of a three-part series, you can load images in your library and search for them to use again in part two and three of your series.

Can I make changes to my e-book after it’s published?


Can I delete or cancel an e-book project?

YES, HERE'S HOW: To delete an e-book that has not yet been submitted for publication, simply navigate to the main page of your Dashboard, and click the trash can icon next to the e-book project you want to delete. Poof – it's gone forever (seriously, we won't be able to retrieve it; use the delete button with care). If your e-book is already submitted or published, get in contact with the ePublisher team, and let us know that you'd like to cancel your e-book project. Once we cancel your title, the e-book will be removed from the ePublisher bookstore within 48 hours and will be taken off other retailer sites within three weeks (retailers update their stores on their own schedule, which we do not control).

What cover options are included in the free DIY package?

IMAGE UPLOAD, IMAGE GALLERY, COMPLETED COVER UPLOAD, You have several options for building your cover when you use our free, DIY publishing option. Using our Online Cover Designer, you’ll be able to upload your own original image or completely designed cover; plus you’ll have access to an ever-growing library of royalty-free images that you can choose from. Once you select your image, you’ll be able to place your book’s title, subtitle and author name on your cover. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of font, color and style options to make your text appear however you want.

Can ePublisher design a cover for me?

YES, We offer a Custom Cover Design service that allows you to work with a professional ePublisher designer. Using your input and your original images – if you have them – your designer will create a professional, personalized cover that’s perfect for your e-book.

Does my e-book have to have a cover?

ABSOLUTELY, Yes, your e-book must have a cover in order to be eligible for retail distribution and listing in our online bookstore. Plus, your cover is an essential tool that can help convey the message, genre and personality of your book to potential readers and buyers.

What if I already have a cover design or image? Can I use it?

YES, The option to upload your own image or completed cover is available to you regardless of which package or design service you select. You will be able to upload an image or cover using the Online Cover Designer in the ePublisher publisher.

What if I already have a cover image with my title, subtitle and author name included as part of the image? Can I use it?

YES, BUT... Please make sure your title, subtitle and author name match the e-book details you enter into the ePublisher Cover Designer exactly as they appear on your completed cover. If they don't match, the retailers we work with have the right to reject your title.

I have a cover image that was created by someone else – another publisher, designer, artist, photographer, etc. Can I use it?

IT DEPENDS, So long as you can obtain written permission from the original creator, you can use someone else’s work on your cover. You will be required to check the terms and conditions check box in the Online Cover Designer during upload, indicating to us that you have permission to use this image or design. Also, please be aware that your cover image may not contain a logo from another publisher or company; your book will be rejected during our content review if the cover includes graphics of this type.

If I choose to use my own cover image, what are the size and formatting requirements?

WE’RE GLAD YOU ASKED, When uploading your own image, it’s essential that you follow these requirements for optimal results: Acceptable File Formats = JPG (.jpg), GIF (.gif) or TIFF (.tiff), Maximum File Size = 20 MB, Color Space = RGB (not CMYK), Minimum Resolution = 200 ppi (pixels per inch), though 300 ppi is recommended, Recommended Proportions = 1400 x 2100 pixels, Minimum Width = 1400 pixels, Minimum Height = 2100 pixels, Copyright = You must either own the copyright or be able to provide written permission from the creator (artist, photographer, etc.) in order to use the work on your e-book’s cover , Text Restrictions = You can include the title, subtitle or author name in your uploaded cover image, plus text such as an endorsement or illustrator credit is acceptable, Logo Free = Logos from another publisher or company are not allowed

Can I upload more than one image to use in the Online Cover Designer?

NO, Sorry; advanced editing such as layering images or using multiple images is not included in the free Online Cover Designer. If you have multiple images you’d like to use, consider purchasing our Custom Cover Design service to work with a professional designer. You can also work in your own offline photo-editing software to combine the images yourself and then upload that single file to use in the Online Cover Designer.

If I buy the Custom Cover Design, can I still give you a base image (or images) to work with?

OF COURSE! After you make the purchase, new text fields and an "Upload" button will appear in the "Cover Design" tab of the online publisher. Simply upload the image(s) you want us to use, and type your ideas and instructions into the appropriate text fields to let your professional cover designer know exactly what you have in mind.

If I chose an image from the gallery and then change my mind and want to upload my own, can I switch?

YES, As long as you are still in the editing phase and have not yet submitted your book for publishing, you can simply click the "Upload an Image" button and switch out your design.

The image gallery doesn’t have an image that fits my needs. Can I suggest something specific?

WE’LL DO OUR BEST TO HELP, We can’t guarantee turnaround in time for your publishing goals, but we will certainly do our best to expand the gallery to meet author needs and suggestions.

I’m a photographer. Can I submit images for use in the Online Cover Designer’s image gallery?

YES, PLEASE DO, Contact us at if you’d like to help us expand our image gallery with your own photography or other original artwork. We will send you an agreement along with instructions on how to submit your images to us. Please understand that we do not currently offer compensation or pay royalties for images used in our gallery; we will, of course, give you credit for your work, and it’s a great way to get your work out there and recognized on our books!

I can’t see my entire image. How do I zoom in and out or resize it?

ZOOM SLIDER BAR, Use the zoom slider bar at the bottom of the image-editing window to adjust the size of your image.

How do I move my image around in the window to get it just where I want it?

JUST CLICK AND DRAG, Place your mouse on the image itself and click. While clicked, you can drag the image around until the window is filled with desired part of the image.

What sort of embellishments and design elements can I add to my cover?

GOOD QUESTION, The current version of our Online Cover Designer does not have the functionality for advanced image manipulation or design elements. However, you can use any image editing software of your choice to manipulate your image or create additional graphic elements prior to uploading your image. Once you upload your image, you’ll be able to use the cover designer to resize, shift and flip your image, as well as to style and place your cover text. Please note: Your book’s title, subtitle and your author name that appear on your image must be consistent with the information you provide in your E-book Details. If you’re not sure how to achieve the effects you’re looking for on your own, consider our Custom Cover Design service for professional help.

Can I include other text elements on my cover image, such as a quote, copyline, etc.?

YES, BUT NOT WITH OUR COVER DESIGNER, Our initial version of the cover designer does not have this functionality, but we are researching it. You can, however, use your own image-editing software to add these elements prior to uploading the image if you’d like. Please note: Your book’s title, subtitle and your author name that appear on your image must be consistent with the information you provide in your E-book Details.

What if I just want my cover to be a solid color with text?

UPLOAD A SOLID-COLOR IMAGE, You can create a solid color "image" in MS Paint© or other software and upload that as your cover image. Just be sure to follow our cover image formatting guidelines. Once your image is uploaded, you can style your text elements and place them on your cover as you’d like.

How do I center text on my cover image?

Place the text where you would like it vertically on the image, and then click on the centering button from the text editor. Voila! Centered text.

How do I change the font, color, size and style of my text?

EASY , First, click on the element you wish to work with (title, subtitle or author name). Once the text appears in the text-editing area, highlight the text you wish to make changes to and use the editing buttons in the toolbar to make your updates. Once you’re happy with the color and style, drag your text onto your cover image for placement.

Does all of my cover text have to be the same style, color and font?

NOT AT ALL, You can style each element, word, even letter individually if you’d like. However, we suggest you keep things simple. As a general rule, it’s best not to use more than two typefaces in your design. Sticking to one or two typefaces will help you create a clean, cohesive look, while introducing any more variation can make your cover feel cluttered and confusing.

Why is it important that the title, subtitle (optional) and the name on the cover match the info I have provided to ePublisher?

PREVENTS REJECTION, Because the retailers we work with require that the title, subtitle and author name match the e-book details (metadata) exactly, it's essential that the information you provide to ePublisher is consistent with the text elements included on your cover. If it isn’t consistent, your book could be rejected by retailers.

When I changed my title, subtitle or author name in the cover designer, it changed everywhere else. Why?

CONSISTENCY, Most retailers require that the text on the cover match the information in the book details and metadata exactly. That’s why we have built the cover designer to update these fields for you automatically – this prevents any accidental discrepancies that might result in your title being rejected by any of our retail partners.

Can I add “by” or “written by” in front of my author name?

NOT USING THE ONLINE COVER DESIGNER, When using our free Online Cover Designer to create your cover, do not add "written by" or "by" before your author name. If you do, your author name will then officially be changed to “written by John Q. Author.” As stated in the previous FAQ, if you update your title or author name in the Online Cover Designer, it will be updated on the E-book Details page for consistency. A book written by "written by John Q. Author" isn't correct, and this may cause your e-book to be rejected by retailers. Make sure you only add “John Q. Author” as your author name. Plus, the ePublisher bookstore already has a field labeled “By,” so when you insert it again in your pen name, it duplicates. Just make sure you don't insert “by” or “written by” in front of your author name. But don't worry — you do have options if you want to have "by" or "written by" displayed on your actual book cover. You can do this by either designing your own complete cover or by hiring one of our professional designers to create a cover for you. That way, the text on your cover won't affect your actual pen name — just the design of the cover.

Can I start my cover design over if I don’t like it?

YOU SURE CAN, As long as you’re still in the editing phase and have not submitted your book for publishing, you can experiment as much as it takes to create a cover you like. You can save multiple cover options in the Cover Manager, then pick your favorite later. If you want to start over while in the Cover Designer, you can click on the buttons to upload again or select a new image from the gallery.

Can I ask my friends and fans for help in deciding what my cover should look like?

WE ENCOURAGE IT, People do judge e-books by their covers. You can give yourself a leg-up in the marketplace by letting friends, family and fans have a say in which cover you use for your book. We'll even help you out. In the Cover Manager, you'll have the option of sharing your cover designs to friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Twitter, or via e-mail. Use this as a chance for feedback, or have your friends vote on their favorite cover.

Once I decide on a cover, how do I designate it as my final choice?

IS IT THE CURRENT COVER IN THE COVER MANAGER? In the Cover Manager, you can see thumbnails for all of the e-book covers you've made. As long as your favorite (and final) choice is showing as the "Current Cover" when you submit your e-book, you'll be good to go.

Can my e-book be published with multiple covers?

NO, You can make multiple covers in the cover designer, but that's just to help you. When it comes down to it, you'll have to choose your favorite to be your official e-book cover.

Can I change my cover after I have submitted my book for publishing?

YES, If you want to change your cover after your e-book is published, you can unlock your e-book through the Dashboard (you cannot, however, update the title, subtitle or author name – if you want to do that, you'll need to start a new e-book). Once you are finished making your changes, we'll resubmit your updated e-book to our ePublisher bookstore as well as the other retailers you selected and the new version will replace the old in one day to four weeks time. Be aware that the old version of your e-book will be cancelled, but the ISBN will remain the same. Also, if you previously purchased our Custom Cover Design service to create your cover, you'll need to purchase the service again to make corrections or receive a new design.

What is the E-book Details work area? What do I do there?

PROVIDE INVALUABLE INFO SO YOUR E-BOOK CAN BE DISCOVERED, In the E-book Details work area, you will provide a variety of essential information that retailers will need to display your e-book in their online stores. Apple and Sony, especially, are very particular about this information. For instance, if your “About the Book” information is confusing or filled with typos, Apple may choose not to include your e-book in their iBookstore. Take care in filling out this information — not only is it important to the retailers, but it’s also a large part of the information that potential readers will see as they’re considering which e-books are worth their time and money. Along with your cover, the e-book details are a tool with which you can either draw in or push away buyers and readers.

Exactly what type of information will I need to provide?

WE'RE HAPPY TO TELL YOU, Most of the information will be pretty straightforward and simple, but there are certain areas on which you'll want to take your time. Some retailers — especially Apple — can decide to reject e-books for availability in their online stores if an e-book's details are confusing or filled with errors.

What are the About the Book guidelines, and why are they so important?

ENSURE YOUR BOOK IS AVAILABLE VIA AS MANY WEBSITES AS POSSIBLE, Retail websites, such as Apple’s iBookstore, have the right to refuse to list your title on their website if your book description does not meet their requirements. You must follow the guidelines listed here in order to avoid any issues. Book Description Guidelines: 1. No more than 2,000 characters, including spaces and punctuation 2. No mention of competing websites or bookstores. 3. No reference to pricing 4. No reference to print version add-ons (e.g., CD-ROM inside the book, etc.) 5. Should describe the book, NOT the author or irrelevant topics 6. Should be written in the book’s primary language (e.g., if the book is written in Spanish, then the description must be in Spanish too) 7. Should be well edited and free of typos, spelling mistakes and grammar errors

Can I edit my e-book details after my e-book is published?

YES, To update your E-book Details after your e-book is published, simply click the button to unlock your book in the Dashboard, make the change, and resubmit your e-book. However, you cannot update the title, subtitle or author name; to do that, you'll need to create a new e-book. Any changes will show up in online bookstores in one day to four weeks, depending on the retailer.