Standard Book Video

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Turn your e-book into an attention-grabbing, captivating video. Using still images and music, your Standard Book Video will appeal to audiences in a memorable way. Share your video on the web.

standardvideoAdd it to your press releases, social media sites and personal websites to promote word-of-mouth marketing and become a strong online presence in the competitive marketplace.

The online market is a valuable audience. Your e-book video will show readers the elements that make your e-book special, in a way they can’t ignore.

With a Standard Book Video, your video will include the following features to help you promote your e-book online:

  • creation of a custom-made promotional book video, approximately 45 to 60 seconds in length
  • storytelling through text and 2-D graphics and images
  • distribution of your book video to multiple well-known websites, including YouTube, Metacafe and DailyMotion, in order to maximize exposure and increase e-book sales
  • creation of a personal email campaign, including a link to your video distributed to 500,000 potential opt-in customers
  • Web streaming capability and high-quality video downloads

Once your video is created and distributed, you own the rights to it. We’ll provide you with a copy of the final video file so you can share it and include it in additional marketing materials.

Revisions: Alterations can be made to your video once it is finished. One round of revisions is included in this service at no additional cost. Additional rounds of revisions cost $500. Acceptable changes include the following:

  • simple text changes (adding or removing words)
  • changes in font size
  • corrections or additions to e-book and author information
  • changes to audio levels
  • image changes (if you provided your own or feel an image is offensive)