BookStubs X20

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Love getting gift cards from your favorite store? It turns out readers love getting them too.

BkStub-BTWe’ve created BookStubs, which are similar in size and material to a gift card, to give you a direct and personal way to promote your e-book. They feature your e-book cover on one side and a code to unlock a free copy of your e-book on the other. A BookStub is a tangible gift that will have a big impact on readers, local media, and influential people.

Once a reader has your BookStub, he’ll see a special URL, QR code and BookStub code. Each BookStub has a clear set of instructions for finding the website and entering the BookStub code. The reader can either scan the QR code with a smartphone or tablet or go to the website listed in the URL. After entering the correct BookStub code, he’ll then be able to download your e-book for free.

The BookStubs X20 package includes 20 BookStubs for you to share. If you want to build a loyal following for your book, you need to first give love before you can receive it. Nothing brings out the passion of prospective readers like a BookStub.

Here’s how you can add them to book marketing:

  •  Include them in press kits
  • Hand them out at speaking engagements and conferences
  • Give them to readers at book signings
  • Send them to your fans and supporters
  • Give them as gifts to friends and family