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In the e-book world, a blog tour is kind of the equivalent of a rock ‘n’ roll tour. There are some major differences – you won’t even need to leave your couch for the blog tour – but the end goals are the same: entertain your adoring fans, make some new ones, and have some fun promoting your passion.

BlogTourA blog tour is a book tour with a modern twist. It’s a way to connect with readers in the digital age by being featured on the blogs they’re reading. And these blogs get quite an audience.

Actually, this blog tour will get you seen by more than 100,000 eager readers.

Why does this matter? Because readers want to know that the book they’re about to read is good, and many seek out the author’s credibility before they make a purchase. If you want your book to be sold, you need to assure readers that it’s worth their cash.

And that’s exactly what the blog tour does. What boosts your credibility better than an interview on a well-respected, exclusive book blog?

What you get with the Blog Tour:

  • Four secured interviews with influential bloggers and interview sites.
    • The interview will be published 14-21 days after you have completed the interview.
  • Final report from us that includes the links and locations to your interviews.
  • Chance to boost your SEO. The interviews will include links to your website or blog. Each link that sends readers back to your website or blog can increase your Google ranking, which strengthens your bookselling platform.