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You know you need a website to establish a professional Web presence, but you don’t know the first thing about HTML or CSS – and Java sounds more like something you drink than Web code.No problem, we’ve got it covered. You don’t have to be a Web designer to have an impressive website. We have a Web design team who will do all the legwork for you.  Once we set it up, you can start using this essential marketing tool.

4 cool things you can do with an author website:

1. Strengthen your brand. You, as an author, are a brand. Your e-book is part of it. And your website lets you identify your brand image perfectly.
2. Connect other pieces of your marketing plan. From reviews of your book to your blog posts, a website allows readers and members of the media to see everything that you’ve been up to.
3. Be creative in a new medium. Even if you have a blog and use social media frequently, a website can boost your creativity in a new way.
4. Capture your target audience without using any hunting tools. The list-building feature included in this service not only lets readers subscribe to your website via email, but gives you access to their email addresses. Use the list to keep your audience updated on exciting news from you.

Here’s what’s included with the Author Website service:

      • Website Setup: One of our representatives will contact you to set up your website, which will have five main sections:
        • Homepage – features your book’s front cover, promotional copy, and a link to order your book
        • About – includes information about you, the author
        • Works -  lists each of your Booktango titles
        • Blog – displays your latest blog article
        • Media – presents media coverage, videos and articles about your book
      • One Year of Hosting: Ensures that your site is functioning, a backup copy of your site is safe and secure and technical support is only a call or email away if needed.
      • Domain Name: You will have the opportunity to choose the domain name for your website. Supply us with your three top choices, and we’ll let you know which one is available.
      • Editorial Control of Blog and Media Page: After we’ve created your website with your information and design, you can easily update or add new content to the Media and Blog pages.
      • List-building Feature: When visitors subscribe to your website, you are also building an email list. Use it to send your readers emails or e-newsletters with updates about you and your e-book(s).

Note: This service includes the initial set up of your site, and you are then responsible to update your blog and media section of your site as often as you’d like. After the initial set up, we can perform design changes upon request at a rate of $65 per hour. Once your first year of hosting is past, you will be responsible to pay a yearly site hosting and customer support fee of $129 per year for as long as you want your website to be available on the Internet.