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In a video starring you, feel the freedom to describe your e-book, your life and your work. With the Author Video, you decide the filming location. We create the professional video that gives your audience a taste of what to expect and leaves them excited to purchase your e-book.

AuthorStrengthen your online presence and target the valuable online market by sharing your Author Video on your social media and personal website. The professional video will add to your credibility and boost your word-of-mouth recommendations due to viral marketing.

We will

  • create a 60- to 90-second creative interview with you, the author, filmed in the location of your choice;
  • format your video for high-quality video and iPod downloads;
  • create a personal email campaign, including a link to your video distributed to 1,000,000 potential opt-in customers.

Once your video is created and distributed you own the rights to it. We’ll provide you with a copy of the final video file so you can share the video with family and friends, and include it in additional marketing materials.

Alterations can be made to your video once it is finished. One free round of revisions is included. Additional rounds of revisions cost $500.

Acceptable changes include:

  • word and font size revisions to the text
  • changes and additions to e-book and author details
  • adjustments to audio levels
  • swapping or deleting still images

Note: Video shoots must be scheduled at least 15 business days in advance. If you intend to be filmed in a public place, you must be able to secure a release for the location before video can be recorded there.